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Yoga Vedanta Retreats 


Center for Human Excellence

Who  are you? An officer ? A student ?  A struggling youth? A retired person?  The funny guy?  The nice girl?  Father, mother, son, daughter………all these identities were either acquired by you or were superimposed on you…………But, there is one identity you don’t have to earn and which cannot be taken away from you….
 Explore  the reality, understand, identify and know yourself.  This is the first step for spiritual self growth, Harmony, Peace and freedom.
Retreat – The aim of the Yoga-Vedanta retreat is to equip the campers with methods  of the requisite training to enable them in their endeavour to blossom into truly humane, serviceful, integrated personalities, so that they succeed, at least in an appreciable measure, in living a life of goodness and wholeness personally, and of dedication, unselfish cooperation and constructive work socially.

It needs no special mention that this achievement in one’s own person and in society is obviously rooted to the extent to which one’s practical life is attuned to the Ultimate Reality of the Universe. Philosophical discipline, thus, is the precondition for leading a perfectly sociable, ethical and progressive life of an onward expansion towards the realisation of the Supreme Goal of existence.
Objectives of the Retreats
  •  to help people acquire emotional maturity
  • to understand and appreciate our rich cultural and spiritual heritage
  • to prepare a person for inner growth which leads to a meaningful and refreshing life and help unfold his/her potential
 Retreat are based on:
  1. Yogasana, Pranayama, Meditation,
  2. Prakarana Grantha’s Bhagavad Gita and
  3. the Upanishads
 Who can attend?
  • Adults – above 18 years..
  • children (12-18 years)

  • From one day, to a week, or more depending on the course-
  • Saturday-Sunday weekend retreats
  • 5 days retreats
  • 10 days yoga camps
  • Long terms Yoga teacher training courses
  • For other organisations -courses can be designed on specific group requirement
Vivekananda Kendra Kaushalam – a Yoga Vedanta Retreat Center and Center for Human Excellence, is a project of Vivekananda Rock Memorial and Vivekananda Kendra, Kanyakumari.


Campus : Kaushalam…

Vivekananda Kendra Kaushalam is a sprawling three acre campus of green and natural surroundings, near the historic Taramati Baradari – Golconda Fort. An ideal place for introspection and insight,   Kendra conducts short term Yoga – Vedanta camps and retreats in a Gurukul-like atmosphere.

Course contribution

  1. Teaching is free
  2. Campers are expected to bear the expenditure of board and lodge (in case some deserving candidate has difficulty, Kendra may arrange for scholarship)

Resource Persons:

  • Trained volunteers of Vivekananda Kendra Kanyakumari

General Overview –

The Day/overnight / weekend and 5 days retreats and Yoga camps provide an intense retreat experience by taking you out from your regular environment and helping in serious understanding about yourself….it not only gives you an opportunity for change but also provides time for introspection.

  • In the retreat, you participate in Meditation, Pranayama, and Yogasana.
  • Study Shastra, (Bhagwadgita Upnishads and other texts)
  • Participate in small group discussions, prayers, and activities aimed at helping people take ownership of the Self,
  • And, of course, there will be time for contemplation and individual discussions
  • Understand the self and grow deeper in realm of peace and tranquility
  • Day Retreat can accommodate up to 70 people.
  • Each over-night retreat can accommodate30 people.
  • Simple Vegetarian food will be provided during the retreat
  • Organisation/ companies / societies can use the retreat site for spiritual programmes.

Address :   ————————————————————————

Vivekananda Kendra –Kaushalam
(Yoga-Vedanta Retreat Center for Human Excellence)
Bairagiguda,   Hydershakote,
Hyderabad -500091
E mail-
Ph- Resident Manager  +919052702940
(it is located other side of Taramati baradari-Golkonda fort , about 3 Km from Sun-city,  9 Km from Mehadipattanam, 12 Km from High-tech city)