Vedanta Classes

Vedanta Classes

 The Banyan "Taotaomona" Tree

Vedanta Study 

Prakaran Grantha

(Introductory texts)

We are able to experience the world through the senses – eyes, ears, nose, tongue, skin by nature they are inert, what makes them sentient? What makes our senses, mind and intellect function?
What is the purpose of life? Rarely we ask these questions, and those who ask for them journey towards Self begins.
Veda’s are repository of this wonderful knowledge, Particularly Upanishads and Bhagvadgita deal with this subject in great depth.
Ultimate Reality of life when realized through the means of śravaṇa, manana and nididhyāsana (listening, reflection and meditation) reveals the Self as source of all Bliss and Knowledge within. This Realization when once owned by us,  then there is no turning back to our old ignorant state of living.
A systematic study on Upanishad and Gita, along with other introductory texts such as Tatvabodha, Atmabodha, Vivekchudamani etc. are conducted at Kendra.
for details and timings please contact on
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