Thursday, May 02, 2013

Report 2012-13

Report 2012-13

Dear Friends
We are happy to present the report of activities of Vivekananda Kendra Kanyakumari Branch Hyderabad for the year 2012-13. Some Highlights are also presented for your kind information.
with regards
Vivekananda Kendra Hyderabad.
Report for the year 2012-13
Report for the year 2012-13
Some Highlights –                                                                                                                                    
  • Vizag center organised  and competitions for  2500 students.and a camp for 39 students
  • On average 6 yoga classes were conducted daily throughout year.
  • Weekly Satsangs, Bhajans, Chantings, Medical camps were organised throughout year
  • Monthly Annapooja was organised throughout year where 200 kg rice and other food items were given to needy people.
  • The Year started with Ugadi festival – celebrations
  • Summer camp – 60 students  non residential camp
  • Gurupoornima – Vidyadana students honoured the teachers,  Note Books and Dresses were given to the students
  • Janmastami – was celebrated with full religious fervor
  • Universal Brotherhood Day – In Competition 50 schools and colleges participated in the programme
  • Saraswati pooja – was conducted about 90 students participated in the programme.
  • Deepa pooja – 120 women participated in deepa pooja organised by Kendra
  • Sadhna Diwas -Eknath ji’s birthday was organised in befitting manner
  • Gita Jayanti- was celebrated with full reading of Bhagwad Gita and discourse on the occasion.
  • Sarada Ma’s Birthday was orgaised about 90 people attended the function
  • On Kalpataru Day a special Lecture was arranged for National  Geographical Research Institute
  • Kalpataru Day – was organised where abut 125 people participated in the programme to start a new year on positive note and blessings of Shri Ramakrishana
  • National Youth Day -was organised with  gaiety and enthusiasm at three places
  • Bhogi celebration was organised about 40 people attended the programme.
  • Shri Ramakrishana Jayanti was organised Shri Ravi Sharma Spoke on the occasion about 120 people participated
  • Had the meeting and finalized the Accounts.
Pre Audited Final statements and  Accounts along with data submitted to Head Quarter on 31.32013.

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Programme’s for the month of April-2013

Calendar of activities 
    1. Pranayama & Meditation -Level one -12 days – Pranayama & Meditation Class new batch will be start from–1st April  5.15 am
    2. Pranayama & Meditation – Level Two - 12 days – Meditation will start from 15th April .5.15 am
    3. Pranayama & Meditation – Level Three - will be notified personally.
    4. Yogasana at Apollo Pharmacy Hostel Morning –  5.30 am
    5. Regular Yoga Class - 6 AM - for Ladies and Gents (Combined Class) new students can join on Mondays.
    6. Regular Yoga Class – 7 AM - For Gents new students can join on Mondays
    7. Regular Yoga Class – 6 Am – At Dilsukhnagar
    8. Spoken English Basic Course -Two month course new batch will start from 5th April –  7.00 am
    9. Yogasana evening batch Ameerpet between 5 pm Ladies only
    10. Yogasana evening batch Kachiguda 5 pm
    11. Yogasana evening For Apollo group Tu,Th, Fri evening 4.15 pm
    12. Yogasana evening For Mentor Infotec Mon,Wed,Fri evening 5 pm
    13. Yogasana evening For Microsemi India Tu, Th evening 6 pm
    14. Spoken English & Personality Development (Advanced) One month course new batch will start from 18th April  7.30 pm
    15. Annapuja will be conducted at Dilsukhnagar 0n 14th April.Evening 5pm
    16. Free coaching classes will continue evening  5 to 7 pm (Dilsukhnagar)
    17. Free health camps will be conducted every Sunday 5 to 7 pm (Dilsukhnagar)
    18. Free eye Camp 1st Saturday of every month. ( Dilsukhnagar)
    19. Satsang/ Bhajan/Chanting even at Dilsukhnagar
    20. One day camp-10th Feb. (to be Confirmed)
At Errum Manzil
  • Morning Yoga Class 5.50 am   and 7.00 am
  • Even. 6 to 7 pm Tuesday. Thursday.
At Baghlingampalli-
  • Office for Sardha Sati Samaroh (150 Year’s of Swami Vivekananda)
At Dilsukhnagar
  • Yogasana and Pranayama Class,
  • Valmiki Ramayana satsanga
  • Free health checking camp and library,
  • Balsamskar Verga,
  • Bhajan Sandhya, Geeta studies etc.
  • Summer Camp for students
Image  - Group Discussion during Class
At Ameerpet
  • Yogasana,
  • Pranayama & Meditation
  • Spoken English Basic & Advanced Courses
  • Personality Dev. Courses,
  • Satsang etc. will continue as per old schedule.
  • Soft skill development programmes
  • Library and reading room
For more details please contact local center -
For Ameerpet – 040 23743551
For Errum Manzil – +91 810 637 8185
For Dilsukhnagar – 9491878093