Saturday, August 21, 2010

Realise the Truth

Every tradition speaks of its own scriptures in the highest language. In Sanatana Dharma tradition, however even though we revere the Vedas, our most sacred books. We do not give it the highest status. It is always secondary. They do not contain truth; they only contain information regarding truth. That’s what Shri Ramakrishana has also put in our times. He used to say , in Hindu Panchanga or almanac, it is forecasted that so many inches of rain will fall this year. You take the almanac, squeeze it, you won’t get a drop of water. Similarly in Veda’s so many beautiful things are said including realizing God and Atman, you squeeze the Veda’s you won’t get any such thing. But by squeezing your own experience you will get the truth. You will experience the truth. So study what the Veda’s says, then leave it aside and practice and realize the truth for yourself. This attitude was developed in our history, in our Upnishads. Brihdaranyak one of the oldest of Upnishads contains the revolutionary statement- vedo avedo bhavati. When one realizes the truth the Veda’s cease to be of any value. What a wonderful idea. In no other religion you will find this bold statement, go beyond Bible or Quran nobody will say it, even though there mystics have done it and sometimes suffered punishments for it. It is in India in Sanatana Dharma
Tradition alone the stress is Use the Vedas, use the scriptures, understand what they say and then try to realize truth for Yourself. Experience is much higher than what is contained in the books.

Taken from writings of Swami Ranagnathanandaji.

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