Thursday, August 05, 2010

Yoga of action-

Yoga of active endeavour - out of which also, you achieve spirituality. How work can lead you to spiritual realization and if you have to work, the work you do is real; people with whom you work and deal are real. If you think work is unreal, or people are unreal, there is no fun in work. But this is the idea we have been taught for many years that world is unreal and yet we have to work there. The result is our work shows absolute unconcern, half hearted- half minded approach. We have no concern around. From where this attitude came…. this came from the world being unreal. Without looking all aspects of this philosophy, we became distorted in psyche, it created self centeredness and unconcern for other. This went deep into our mind with result our human relations become weak- unconcerned. The result was dried heart, no concern for other, this attitude came in politics also. That’s why yoga path of Shri Krishna is strong medicine for all of us. We did not understand or followed it until Swami Vivekananda came in modern period.

What will be the result of this yoga. Shri Krishna answers - it will give you freedom. You can continue to work, you can handle work situation, handle other human beings. In and through all these you would become free from all bondages, which work produces, otherwise. Action produces bondage only when it is done ignorantly. Yoga buddhi will give you spiritual freedom, which jnana gives. In addition you will be warm hearted person, deeply interested in people around you. And you will be doing great good to the society and people.

This philosophy of work has not manifested in our lives for last few hundred years. Swami Vivekananda gave this call – whole life and work system in India needs this revolutionary transformation. That comes only from hard work, work with dedication, and work with great sense of human urgency. This is what made swami Vivekananda plunge whole heartedly in work of social upliftment.

From the writings of Swami Ranganathanandaji.

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