Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Rise and fall of Civilizations…

Many civilizations arose in the world, played their part for a few centuries and then decline started and they died. We now study them only in books and museums. Whereas our civilization has continuity every now and then it gets refreshed and a new youthfulness comes to it, tremendous energy comes, and things begin to improve. A new Yuga begins and the people develop high moral awareness, humanistic impulse and spirit of service.

When we read Edward Gibbon’s “The Decline and fall of The Roman Empire” we come to know, how extensive, powerful and prosperous it was. But love for pleasures and decline in moral value and hard work made them hollow. With a single foreign invasion, whole roman society was shattered, never to rise again. The same story is repeated in Egypt, Babylonia, and Assyria. West – particularly America and Europe have to guard against such decline.

The Indian civilization went through it again and again. It decayed, lost vitality, strength and values declined, creativity disappeared, vigour vanished, and we were half dead. But then every time it happened a new awakening took place. Not only had a great spiritual teacher appeared on the scene and corrected the course, but some time we got the benefit of cross fertilization of other cultures. Like western culture helped to destroy many of our foolish notions. It showed us new paths and made us more energetic. It was not western intention, but that was the result – a new awakening and a new strength and youthfulness.

--adopted from Swami Ranganathanadaji’s writings.

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