Friday, September 17, 2010

Study of ….

Like a person who is in search of rice, he takes paddy, husks it, throws the husk away, and takes the rice to cook and eat. Similarly, the medhavi, the intelligent person first studies the books, grantha abhyasa. After studying all the books; what is your aim? Is it to become a scholar Or desirous of achieving knowledge and realization. (So if you want to impress others by your scholarly interpretation you need to keep it for future references) If you want knowledge and realization, what will you do? Gather whatever is contained in books, practice it, books are of no further value at all.

Shri Ramakrishna said – a person wrote a letter to his relative in town “when you come home, please bring so much cloth and so much sweets etc. Relative misplaced it, he searched entire house found it read it, went to market purchased the desired items, and threw away the letter it was of no use. What is the use of keeping the letter; get the things what is mentioned there, that is important. Similarly whatever is contained in the sacred books have to be realized. Then the books are of no further value. Throw away all dependence on books, has been the attitude in India.

Taken from the writings of Swami Rangnathanandaji.

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