Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Youth Camp Photos

Dear Friends
As you are aware in connection with Universal Brotherhood Day and 150 year’ s of Swami Vivekananda’s birth, a competition was organised for the college students,
Camp Participants took out procession and garlanded Swamiji’s Statue
A Section of Camp participants
A Section of Camp Participants- they turned out in large number
A section of Participants and Judges
Participants along with judges
During Group Discussions
A group discussion in Progress
A Group Leader presenting group’s view
O It's Lunch Time
Now it is Lunch time….
Offering flower's to Swamiji
Participants offering flower’s to Swamiji
Oath Taking
Camp Participants took oath to work for safety security and welfare of the Motherland.
In nut shell …
Colleges were contacted – 30
colleges participated – 26
Students Registered for written exam, elocution and group discussions  - 3027
Students set for Exam – 2755
Students called for one camp-  331
students participated in one day camp – 262
about 65% participants were girls in all programmes from them selected students will participate in camp at Kanyakumari.

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