Thursday, July 22, 2010

Mukti – freedom

You are not merely creation of some external circumstances. You have control on your reactions. As soon as you start regulating your reactions, you start achieving your humanness. Then inward march is unique. You are handling your own mind. You are creating a sense of calmness within, great achievements will come thereby. Human evolution begins with the achievement of this balancing of the mind between a sensory input and motor output. That should be strengthened more and more. The whole subject of The Gita is training of this human mind for total human development by handling this world around it, and also by handling oneself in masterly manner. We don’t remain creature of some masterly process outside. We become masterly force inside handling our own life. This must be achieved by every human being’s. Today neurology and psychology tell us that nature has given us this organic capacity by which we can handle our own destiny. He or she can be free and can exercise this freedom; this is the teaching of biology, neurology and Vedanta. Vedanta takes the experience of freedom to highest level of development and calls it mukti.

So, how to handle this packet of psycho-physical energy? Which, we have got at the time of birth. How to develop it, expand it and bring out the best out of it. This is what we know by understanding Gita. And who is to do it? Each one of us. Other’s can help, but actual work is our own.

Taken from writings of Swami Ranganathanandaji.

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