Saturday, July 03, 2010

Pravrtti or Nivrtti

Dharma or philosophy taught in the Vedas is of a twofold nature, characterize by pravrtti , out ward action and Nivrtti, inward contemplation, meant for the even stability of the world, which are meant to ensure the true abhyudaya- socio economic welfare, and nihsreyasa, spiritual freedom of all beings.
Both action and meditation are needed for human well being, if only one or the other is there, there will be no health, individual or social, see the wonderful insight , the comprehensive wisdom of the ancient Indian sages! Through pravrtti you establish a welfare society through the improvement of your economy and political system. Through Nivritti – you achieve, what we call to day value oriented life that comes from humanity’s inner spiritual dimension. Otherwise plenty of wealth power and everything else you have through pravrtti, but only prvritti and no nivritti – society will be all right in short run, but in long run, it will be in trouble. The whole of modern western civilization is in trouble, because there is no emphasis on nivritti. The spiritual dimension is missing. There is emphasis only on prvritti – work, work and work, earn more money, but remain inwardly poorer and poorer until one becomes nervous wreck. Many people are thus suffering in the modern world.
The endless pursuit of money, power and pleasure is driving today’s world. The result is creation of widespread value erosion and increasing violence. That is not the way to maintain a healthy human society. The abhyudaya – the socio economic development can not come without co-operative endeavour , there is need for co-ordination, team spirit and helping others in their work and appreciating others success. This is the one value which we have to assimilate in our society.

The Adi Shankara says – a philosophy of life which integrates social welfare and spiritual freedom, through action and meditation is the best way.
Adopted from Swami Ranganathanandaji’s writings


स्थावराणां हिमालय: said...

What is co-operative endeavour?

Ravi Sharma, said...

endeavour is -try hard to
do or achieve something-
an attempt to achieve a goal- co-operative endeavour - refers to collective goal, such that the goal of a society or Nation can be achieved only by collective effort of people.