Friday, July 16, 2010

The Truth

Behind this changing body mind complex, there is something eternal, something infinite in man. This is the basic teaching of Upnishadik sages regarding human being. We do not know it, but knowing or not knowing does not make any difference to truth. For, it is the truth which was discovered and rediscovered and placed for our own rediscovery, for our own redemption. We do not need any body to come from heaven to redeem us. Our redemption is built into us, our eternal nature as ever free Atman. This is constantly emphasized in Vedantic literature.

That’s what Shri Krishna refers in 2nd chapter 20th verses – this Atman has not got any birth, nor death, it is immortal, when body goes it is always there. This Atman in every one of us, even in animal, insects everywhere is the innermost self. The only difference is, animal cannot realize this truth. Only human being has the organic capacity to realize this truth. That is the highest human uniqueness. Evolution has risen to that level in man, wherefrom he can know the truth of the world around and the truth of one’s own immortal self as well.

Once one discovers this truth and gets established in it – he or she becomes fulfilled – for the whole journey of evolution at the human stage is towards this discovery.

You may know about stars, earth, about this and that, they are all welcome. But the greatest knowledge you can get is about yourself. When you know your true nature, that you are deathless, ever pure, unborn etc. and you get established there, what a big change will come in your life, and all your dealings with others. All crimes, delinquency, all pettiness, meanness, will vanish from human life.

So, a little attention to this subject is absolutely essential for every human being.

--Adopted from writings of Swami Ranganathanandaji

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